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MailBox Angel™ of Abundance
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angel of abundance

The Angel of Abundance holds a radiant crystal that draws all that you will ever need. Her sense of peace offers reassurance that whatever you are asking for, can and will find you. She was the last of the Angels to step forward. She said that in order for her to work fully, the other angels’ energies were needed first to clear the way and set a vibration that could hold the abundance that she brought.

The Angel of Abundance will work for you by bringing:

  • Greater resources into your world.
  • Increase of whatever you are seeking.

She will draw greater abundance into your life -

  • Allowing you to feel supported and secure
  • Increasing all of the energy that you share and that you receive
  • Allowing you to call forth prosperity in any area you choose.
  • Helping you know that “It’s all there for you”

Use the Angel of Abundance when you are actively seeking to prosper in any area of your life.

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Love :: Peace :: Purity
Joyful Tidings :: New Opportunity
MailBox Angel™of Abundance Description

Lifting into the heavens, the MailBox Angel™ of Abundance offers you the power to manifest your dreams. She presents this light in a delightful multi-colored gown. This intricate, subtle detailed ensemble along with the beautiful necklace radiates the prosperity that is available to you on every level. This abundance shines in her hands with the power to transform.

Her immense energy invites you to call forth new levels of prosperity in your life. Invite infinite abundance into your heart; today is your new beginning.

MailBox Angel™of Abundance Testimonials

We were given a MailBox Angel to try, so we did. We have a small business and had been experiencing a very slow time. Clients had slowed and so had the money.
We activated the Angel of Abundance and placed her on our filing cabinet that held the client files. Well, needless to say, she did the trick. We are now booked to over flowing!

Isn’t it interesting that the angelic support is all around us and we forget to ask for it.
MailBox Angels certainly do provide a channel to open and receive. E. J. Roswell


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