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MailBox Angel™ of New Opportunity
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MailBox Angel of New Opportunity The Angel of New Opportunities stands embracing rainbows from heaven. She holds the energy of knowing what is the perfect new venture for your life in the world. The Angel of New Opportunities will work for you by bringing:
  • Opportunities to expand your presence in the world.
  • New Ideas on every level.
She will draw new opportunities into your life -
  • New ways to promote your business
  • New avenues of prospering your family
  • Opportunities that you thought were out of your reach will open for you.
  • She brings to the surface all of your hidden talents.
Use the Angel of New Opportunities when you are ready to express a greater presence in the world.
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Love :: Peace :: Purity
Joyful Tidings :: Abundance
MailBox Angel™of New Opportunity Description

The Angel of New Opportunity is dressed in a beautiful rich blue gown adorned with stars and ribbon. She holds in her hands the light of two rainbows. These messengers of God descend together into a perfect orb of white light, the sum of all colors. She offers you the highest and best, the power to realize the gift of your new opportunity.

Her reassuring gentle smile radiates the wisdom that absolute faith embodies. She knows the opportunities before you. She calls for you to experience that perfection. Embrace the new opportunity that abounds in your life today.

MailBox Angel™of New Opportunity Testimonials

“I received my MailBox Angel of Opportunity in this afternoon’s mail. I held it to feel the vibrations and immediately placed it inside my mail box. Yes, I was skeptical. But I thought, for $5 what the heck. That same night I received an email for a sales opportunity that I thought was dead weeks ago. And it will be my largest contract in the last 18 months! ”L. B. - Atlanta, GA.

The Angel of New Opportunities was the first angel I activated. I placed her in my mail box and said, -I am open. Do your thing. Within one week, I awoke with THE most fabulous idea for a new business that will enhance my current line of work. As I began to think about the steps involved, several people came “out of the woodwork” with the skills I will need to get it up and running. All I can say is AWESOME! This is gonna be great! F. C. – Atlanta, GA


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