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MailBox Angel™ of Purity
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angel of purity

The Angel of Purity dances across the darkened skies bringing her wand of light to remove obstacles and renew hope. In her presence the negativity and heaviness are lifted and a new clear beginning can be created.

The Angel of Purity will work for you by bringing:

  • A cleansing energy to all of your challenges.
  • A clear vision for all of your projects.

She will draw greater purity into your life -

  • Removing all negative energies coming toward you in any way.
  • Releasing old energy patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Assisting in healing any regret held on any level.
  • Opening the path for healing and forward motion

Use the Angel of Purity when you are ready to purify your life and all of your communications with the world.

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Love :: Peace :: New Opportunity
Joyful Tidings :: Abundance
MailBox Angel™ of Purity Description

The Angel of Purity dances in the heavens arrayed in silk with an intricate brocade of gold. She holds in her hand the wand of purity. Her light cleanses every corner of the heavens, darkness disappears where light now reigns. She reaches out to share this energy with you. Invoking her power cleanses the negative energy in your life. Call forth purity and witness your world shift easily and effortlessly. Rediscover purity in your life today!

MailBox Angel™ of Purity Testimonials

I have a business that has been around for about twenty years. Some of these years have not been as easy as I would have liked. I activated my Angel of Purity and placed her on a filing cabinet that held all of the company’s permanent files. I asked that our past be purified on every level- with the people and with all of the events.

Wow, was I surprised. Almost immediately we began to hear from clients that we had not seen in years! There is a lightness that fills us now. We really have felt a great clearing. Thank you. A. F. – Alpharetta, Ga


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