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MailBox Angel™ of Love
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angel of love

The Angel of Love was one of the first to bring her healing light to the world. As she stands with outstretched arms, she is sharing her unconditional love to soften and infuse your world with greater love in every area.

The Angel of Love will work for you by bringing:

  • Greater love to your home and communications
  • Greater love to your relationships in the world

She will draw greater love into your life-

  • Enhancing family dynamics
  • Drawing your loved ones closer to you
  • Helping all you love, feel your love more deeply and profoundly.
  • Helping you know that “It’s all there for you”
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New Opportunity :: Peace :: Purity
Joyful Tidings :: Abundance
MailBox Angel™of Love Description

The MailBox Angel™ of Love lifts into the heavens. Dressed in a simple gown flowing from the clouds, she offers her energy. From her hands love radiates. She invites you to embrace the love that is all around you. Soften your spirit and feel the infinite in her gift. Today, accept the gift that flows from you and to you. Say yes.

MailBox Angel™of Love Testimonials

I recently purchased the Angel of Love and after activating her, I placed her on my refrigerator over a picture of my family. As I did this, I was simply seeking more love for us all.

The next day, we got a call from my step son, who we see about three times a year maximum - even through he lives in our area! We were delighted to hear from him. He scheduled a time with his dad to return some motorcycle parts that he borrowed. My husband went to the designated space and instead of just receiving the parts, he stayed and jammed on guitars with his son for two hours. This was such an amazing occurrence and certainly not something any of us would ever expect.

A week later, my step daughter surprised us by coming from New York and we all got together for dinner as a family for the first time in six months! It was a tremendous bonding experience for us all.

MailBox Angels™ certainly do their job. Thank you Angel of Love! C.P. - Canton, GA


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